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To meet environmental objectives and to optimize supply chain, public and private players in freight transportation are looking for new transport solutions. CTS has acquired an in-depth knowledge in the definition and implementation of modal shift projects. 

CTS helps local authorities, institutional and port authorities in the development of combined rail and/or river services and ports. CTS acts at every stage of the projects and deals with financial, technical, market, strategic issues. 

CTS proposes to its clients the following services (Click on the title to display the text) :

  • Technical and operation modeling of multimodal infrastructures and services
  • - Technical modeling : lay out, operational concept, equipment specifications, maritime & hinterland interface, location analysis
    - Master planning: technical and operational design, definition and planning of infrastructure, capital investment, manning, IT…
    - Definition of multimodal service parameters according to the characteristics of the market and the customer’s needs: cost, transit time, dead weight tonnage…

  • Financial analysis and modeling of multimodal services and infrastructures
  • - CBA for a terminal operator or a port authorities : Capital expenditures, Operations expenditures, salaries, depreciation
    - Tariff analyzing and pricing : definition of the revenue, ticket and license fees
    - Calculation of profitability ratio : NPV, ROI, Payback Period
    - Financial modeling of a multimodal service: calculation of all costs component

  • Due diligence of existing port and logistic facilities
  • - Auditing of infrastructure and equipment
    - Performance analysis and calculation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Market and strategic studies
  • - In-depth industry studies from a transport and supply chain point of view
    - Industry development forecasts and resulting impact on infrastructure and service
    - Traffic analyses and forecasts
    - Interviewing of shippers and forwarders
    - Benchmarking of regional port competitors
    - Strategic planning
    - SWOT Analysis

  • Multimodal service or infrastructure marketing
  • - Partnering
    - Communication campaign

To get more details on our services, please have a look on our project references.