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Feasibility analysis for a 45' palettwide container services for beverage flows for a potential shipper


Missions :


- Supply Chain
- Logistics
- 45PW
opportunities study
- Economic study
- Cost/Delay/Quality study


Custumers :

Confidential - Food Industry

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Objectives of the project :

Logistics chain optimization by PW45 for a shipper specialized in the production of beverage products in the West of France

Activities performed by CTS :

CTS analyzed the
opportunities offered by the use on 45feet palettwide containers to transfer
flows from road to river.

CTS achieved the
main following tasks : 
- Analysis of
the trucking flows of the retailer on the Rhone bassin : origin/destination, volumes, costs, transit time, objectives and constraints
- Analysis of
the opportunities of the 45 feet palettwide container instead of curtainside
- Simulation of
costs and transit time of a barge service using 45 feet palettwide containers
for beverage flows between a supplier located in the Vosges region and a
warehouse located in the South of France. 
- Confirming with the retailer the interest of the service on cost,
quality and delay aspects